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Elegant Ink - Custom Body Art - Since 2008 Colorado

[email protected]      By Ap​pointment Only - Closed Friday's

All Occasion Krusty Kards

(Not appropriate for most adults)

$3.00 Each

Krusty Kards

Cards for our dearest loved ones!

#1 Inside

Thank God, I don't have to put

up with your bullshit anymore!

# 3 - Inside:

I'm not giving you shit

for your birthday!

# 5 - Inside:

Here's your fucking

Christmas Card!

# 7 - Inside:

So I can tell you...I think

you are really fucking up!

# 9 - Inside:

It doesn't mean shit to me!

# 11 - Inside:

I want a divorce,

I hope you do too.

 # 13 - Inside:

You didn't suck

too bad as a dad!

 # 15 - Inside:

Think I could get a little

head for my birthday?

 # 2 - Inside:

People fucking die

in the hospital!

#4 Inside:

Do the fucking laundry!

 # 6 - Inside:

To be stressed out as shit!

# 8 - Inside:

Well...actually you're fucked,

but I'm here for you!

# 10 - Inside:

Now it fucking drives me crazy!

 # 12 - Inside:

It's about fucking time!

 # 14 - Inside:

Thanks for the

lifetime of therapy!

# 16 - Inside:

He doesn't want anyone

to know he's been

fucking a chicken!